Hello ,

Welcome to my WordPress blog. First of all let me introduce myself to you.


Myself Akash Padhiyar.

I am  OpenSource Developer , Trainer ,Computer Geeks,Blogger, and running Web Development Company at Akash Technolabs.

For me Technology(GOOGLE) is an essential part of my life and I love finding and trying out various stuffs and Tips .


  1. i want your email id and phone number ………………u have intorduced very nice about u and help for my mca project work plz……………………………

  2. Hey Akash, I am simply amazed of ur work.. Congrats for that and keep giong..

    Will u pls help me in doing a mini project based on VB?

  3. Hi Akash
    I am sudhaa, i am not bca student bust still i’m doing cs. i want to purchase this computer which is create by you. u r awesome dude.
    Apne iss computer ko bna kar hum student k life hi bna di.

    Pls tell me the processor of purchase.

  4. hey akash 🙂
    my name is zeal shukla
    m too frm ahmedabad…

    i am degree student bt i m still a techno lover…
    do u help me if i get sme probs..??

    hope u help engineers also..
    thanks n grd blog…awsum wrk…..

  5. Hiii…………
    i m also BCA student N i like ur blog….
    this blog is really very nice N helpful of all BCA a student N also computer Engg. student so nice work n nice progress gud luck…..

  6. I am student of 3rd year computer engg in adit.
    i an impressed to see your hardwork.
    i like your site, i also try to do something like u!
    you are a bca stu but good engg.best of luck for your greate future.

  7. hey, nyc pic….nd nyc blog…just wanna say keep continue to write this type of blog…..gud luck:)

  8. Helpful and nice blogs…I hope to learn a lot from IT and I thought of your blogs to be very useful for me as an IT student. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  9. Hi
    Good morning friend,
    i’m student of B.sc final year and i’ve lack knowledge in front of u…….u know i’m big fan of ur site and it’s my daily routine…..
    frnd, may i ask some quetions 2 u?? may i send msg 4 ask questions???
    please reply………


  10. Hello frnd,
    i’ve no words 2 congrates u bcoz whatever u done i.e. awesome……..
    i 9 God helps them who helps others…..so keep it up,,,,,,

  11. Hello frnd,
    i’ve no words 2 congrates u bcoz whatever u done i.e. awesome……..
    i 9 God helps them who helps others…..so keep it up,,,,,,,,

  12. Hieee, Akash…
    reallly fantastic dude Hats Off…..
    me Heer From M.Sc.IT 4th year…
    Do ur best n all the best………….

  13. Nice…Blog..Akki..Carry..on
    spend some time with your loved ones, your Family ,your frds because they are not going to be around forever.
    There are Some Questions that can’t Be Solved BY…GOOGLE”
    This is My..view..!!!!


  14. હતું રંગીન કયારેક જે, હવે શ્વેત -શ્યામ બની ગયું,
    સપનું મારું, આ રાહ પર, એકલ મુસાફર બની ગયું !

    હતું ગઝલ કયારેક જે, હવે શબ્દોનુ મોહતાજ બની ગયું,
    સપનું મારું, આ કાગળ પર, ચાર અક્ષર બની ગયું!

    હતું ફસલ કયારેક જે, હવે ખેતરનું નિંદામણ બની ગયું,
    સપનું મારું, આ વેલ પર, વાંઝિયો વિચાર બની ગયું!

    હતું વ્હેણ કયારેક જે, હવે પથરાળ મેદાન બની ગયું,
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    સપનું મારું, આ હકીકત પર, કેટલું લાચાર બની ગયું!

  15. Gr8 Going….
    You have a bundles of knowledge..
    Just utilize in d best way u can..
    Best Of Luck 4 ur future prospectus..

  16. I like your work and enthusiasm about IT still you a teen age student. Keep going you will definitely get ur desire goal. Best of Luck.

  17. Hey nice blog akash.
    u have introduced very nice about u.
    really good work and i beleive that u had too much knowledge about it.
    best ok luck 4 that.

  18. hey i loved the ur blog,, and u too and u know that..
    dont get changed bcoz of any one,,
    i hope u ll grt lot of success in life and may god bless u.

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