Hey Frnds,

Here i m giving you chance to write about me

Please post your thoughts For me..

i’ll be eagerly waiting for your reponses..

so please do write…


  1. It’s fantastic webiste…u ‘ve done gr8 work…
    Ur all websites r very nice……
    Hope u get more n more success in ur life n achieve whatever u wants….. 🙂

  2. Hi, Akash
    Really mindblowing job. I m also a BCA student who wud lik 2 remain in network of oder BCA student so dat v can help each oder 2 solve der queries.

  3. hey
    it’s verry good yar.
    You have done a great job.
    Your Luck is also With You.
    May GOD give u More Success.
    so keep it up.

  4. Hi, Aakash.
    Good Job, you can do Betterthan these,
    Keep searching and do your Best.
    Your Luck is also With You.
    May GOD give u More Success.

  5. Hey akash..fabulous job u did…fantastic…!!
    In one word it’s Fantabulous…[;)]
    Akash ..very passionate guy..
    This passion’ll take u ahead n ahead..!
    He has achieved lot many things within short period of time..[:)]
    All the very best akash…
    U rock..[:)]

  6. For everything there is a season,
    And a time for every matter..

    In 1 year i saw mane changes in u akash..

    Execellent job!!

    go for it man..:)

    becoz Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises…

    N i’m sure u’ll prove ur self..n ‘ll show d ppl around u….

    Keep it up..

    ALL THE VERY BEST 4 ur future..:)

  7. Ya..akash u r very ziddi n i tell you ur blog is just fab..very cool..!!
    Just try not to be so short tempered n i would say try 2 ignore ur back spokers..u’ll b more happy..man..okkk..n seriously ur tips n everything are much helpful 2 us..so keep it up..

  8. Hey Aakash,
    You have done a great job.
    you blog is really cool man. Just keep this thing up and you will be soon flying with success.Great Job Buddy.

  9. Hey nice blog akash.
    u have introduced very nice about u.
    really good work and i beleive that u had too much knowledge about IT.
    best ok luck 4 that.

  10. Hi Akash…
    U have really Done Gr8 Work….I Hope You keep continue to publish new updates regarding latest technology….latest news & make us aware of today’s fast changing world!!!
    Thanks Once Again….

  11. Hey Akash,

    Nice to see you taking initiative. Most of the people doing BCA are not aware of such technologies. I am really looking forward to have few good things coming out from your end which would definetly inspire others to follow the track. 🙂

    Hope you get success in each and every step of life.


    Aadil Keshwani

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