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AkkiTipsHow many % of you are aware about the full features provided by Windows ??

Answer would be less than 20%

Its Ok .

Now a days there are lots of search engines are available to search anything but you have  no time But some time ts very difficult to find…

Am i Right? ya i know …

So i came up with an idea of providing you people with the common tips abt the…

Windows,yahoo,Google,Computer Tip And Tricks ,Stuffs etc that many of the people might not be knowing…

I launched website ITTIPSto provide a computer help ,Tips & Tricks and my research work..

Do comment  me if u want learn or you need a help ..

I will try to solve it….

One comment

  1. you are a very good student. your website is very very usful for me.
    and i also know about windows,yahoo tips,google and all the trics. so please help me to give the proper advise about working in systematic manner.

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